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Jaehyo hadn't thought things could get much worse.

Difficult to top getting home for the first time in months for Christmas only to discover the neighbours are joining you for dinner. Along with their son who used to idolise you when you were kids. Who just so happens to be the guy you've been (unwittingly) casually sleeping with for the past couple of months. How was Jaehyo supposed to have known?! They never spoke about their personal lives, and Seho looks completely different now! He wasn't even a teenager last time Jaehyo saw him.

Now Seho's really hot, and he'd been brilliant in bed, and they'd only called it off because they were both going away... To the same hometown. The same street.

Jaehyo just nods when they're introduced and says to Seho quite honestly, "I didn't expect to see you again."

And then it gets worse. His mother decides to bring up his dating life during dinner. She still can't even talk about him being gay directly, skirting around the issue. She should know Jaehyo better than that. He's always blunt and direct.

"How are things with the person you're seeing?" She says. Jaehyo rolls his eyes.

"We weren't dating," he says flatly, stuffing a vegetable into his mouth. "We were just having sex." He feels a grim sense of amusement settle inside him from the gasp and sudden hush at the table. He glances sideways at his mother. "Isn't it better for you both that way? If I don't get into a proper relationship you never have to worry about having to accept another man into our family."

Of course nobody knows what to say to that uncomfortable truth. Jaehyo can feel a headache coming on.

"I need some air," he says. "Why don't I take the dog for a walk? Saves either of you going out in the cold."

He does love his parents after all. That's why he keeps his life out of their sight, so they don't have to be hurt by what they disapprove of. Like his smoking, which he'll be doing the second he gets outdoors too.

He and Seho hadn't talked about their reasons for not wanting to get serious, but fuck if this doesn't make it awkward now. Now Seho knows something really intimate about him, and it's unsettling and exposing, way more than being naked in front of him ever was.


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